英语口语自我 5篇

英语口语自我介绍 5篇

  当进入一个陌生环境,我们时常会需要作自我介绍,自我介绍是人与人进行沟通的出发点。你所见过的自我介绍是什么样的呢?下面是小编为大家收集的英语口语自我介绍 ,欢迎阅读,希望大家能够喜欢。

英语口语自我介绍 5篇

英语口语自我介绍 1

Dear Sir:

  Thank you for giving me the chance to interview and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. My name is…., born in 1980, ….city, ….province. I major in ……and I will graduate from the…….. Medical University in July, 20xx. Hope a chance to work and develop in your department.

  During the past three years, under the strict guidance of my tutor, professor ……in college of ………, I have learned systematically the theory of profession and got the basic manipulative skills about …….. With the help of my supervisor, I have successfully finished the subject “……… ” and grasped some experimental skill , such as cell culture, DNA extraction and other molecular biology technique; abstraction, separation, ….. ..

  I passed the CET band 6 test in20xx, after that, I tried my best to learn Medical English and mastered a lot of professional vocabulary. I am good at listening, speaking, reading and writing.. I can manipulate computer proficiently and master Microsoft Office software, also be familiar with SPSS and Photoshop, etc.

  During three-year study in research, I studied hard and strived for excellence in our field. I benefit from working together with excellent colleague. I developed quality of diligence, responsibility, kindness and honesty. My internship in college of ….. could qualify me for this job, and I believe I can be fit for the position quickly. I am looking forward to working in your department. If I am admitted, I will be thankful and try my best to work for you.

  Thank you very much.

英语口语自我介绍 2

  Good morming/afternoon! My name is xx(中文名)I am currently a freshman (大一新生)/sophomore (大二学生)/junior (大三学生)/senior (大四学生) at xxx(学校名). My major is xxx. I am a/an xx (表示性格的形容词)person. In my spare time, I like to xx兴趣爱好). I am very glad to be here and I wish everyone good luck today.

英语口语自我介绍 3

  Hello! It’s my pleasure to come here and have a chance to introduce myself。 I will graduate from Beijing Unite Teacher Training university and live in Beijing chaoyang district; my major is Visual Communication design。

  On college days, I studied some Graphic Artist Design, Package Design, Book Design, Website Design and so on。 Here is my E—portfolio, please see it。 Besides, a few e—works in my flash disk。 Please see it when you are convenient。

  Thank you very much!

英语口语自我介绍 4

  Good morning, everyone. My name is . It is really a great honor to have this opportunity for an interview. I would like to introduce myself from 5 parts, basic information, my hobbies, my character, some experience and my dream. Of course I hope to make a good performance today, I know everybody here is excellent, and I feel some pressure.

  Now I will start, I amyears old, born in ,province, and I am a sophomore who major in communication engineering.

  My character ? I can’t describe it well, but I know I am optimistic and confident. Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music or watching films, but I am not lonely, I like to chat and hang out with friends, I really enjoy much happiness with my friends, and I appreciate them of that happiness.

  I fell in deep love with national chess since last semester, and I almost play it everyday in my pastime in QQ game. Now I can say that I play chess a little well. Except this, I love to reading detective novel, I always get addicted to those tight logic references, its fabulous. And my model is Sherlock Holmes, he can always judge fact from the most slight appearances and infer the whole progress of the case. my another idol is Lightman in the movie called Lie to Me. Those theory about microexpression always amaze me deeply. I know we need to do physical exercise to keep fit, my hobbies in exercise is table tennis which I play much in high middle school , and now I play badminton the most time I do exercise .I also studied yoga and I love that and I can do good ,it should owe to that I am born with a good flexibility.

  I can always master my study well since elementary school. A great desire or say love to drive me to study on my own. I am a left-behind child, except to take care of myself I need also to care for my younger brother. But I know my parents love us so much, they work hard to support this family, I appreciate their love and will owe my independence to them. In the past two years in the university, I am a little blank, I have no idea about which road I should choose after I graduated. But after the strugglement, I know where my road is. Thanks to my dream and my special love one, I want to further my study abroad. I know it’s such an difficult thing for me, my family is not rich, which can bear the expense fee abroad, but I don’t want to give my dreams up .my idol in IT area is the leader of Aigo whose name is FengJun.I admire him for his couragement and that the products from his company is excellent and with Chinese characteristics.

  This exchange program is a great opportunity for me, I am confident in that I can manage it ,go along with the malaysia student, introduce our country culture ,college culture. Also I can learn so much from it ,it will definitely expand my horizon, and let me be closer to my dream. This is all of my self-introduction, thanks for ur time so much.

英语口语自我介绍 5





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